Ethical baking

In this day and age the environment is always a controversial subject and I feel the subject of ethics should also be on the agenda.

I think I am an ethical baker, and I like to think I have a pretty ethical way of life too. In my previous career I was a contaminated land specialist dabbling with a bit in the waste sector too and I was always aware of the environment and very conscious about my impact. I am certainly not perfect, but I do try my best!

To me being ethical comes into business too. Ethical can mean lots of different things to different people but I am going to tell you a bit about what it means to me.

Artificial vs real

I don't use inferior products so in my cakes you will find good quality belgium chocolate and butter for example, and wherever possible I only use products where I understand the ingredients list (obviously not always possible with items such as sprinkles though!). I often use flavourings and try to source all of these from companies that use onyl natural sources but depending on the flavour this is not always possible.

I once remember being told to only eat products where your Grandma would know everything on the list. A bit of food for thought?


The mantra is reduce-reuse-recycle and so therefore I try to choose items with less packaging where possible (larger packs for example), and where there is no real choice such as buying icing sugar in bags then I prefer to use items from companies which have recyclable packaging. If its a choice then paper and glass are much easier and more environmentally friendly to recycle than plastic too.

Food waste is composted and all items that can be recycled are.

British or Fairtrade

Air miles became a hot topic a few years back and I believe that the more local the source of the item the better. I only use british eggs and sugar (although some types are not British unfortunately) but some items such as vanilla, chocolate or coffee for example the next in the heirachy will be fairtrade.


Whereas many people will trust a brand more than a small supplier I have a slightly different view and believe commercial items are often of a poorer quality or have dubious ethics. I won't explain my reasons here as you can all access google to see for youselves, but I personally do not support Nestle and therefore their products do not feature in my cooking unless specifically asked.

Nobody is perfect but strange as it sounds, these little steps make me sleep soundly at night and feel safe in the knowledge that I have limited the effect my business has on the environment.

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