Drip Cakes

A drip cake is a perfect choice for any occasion with lashings of chocolate and colours to suit your theme. If you have a favourite topping then this can be included in the design whether its meringues and fresh fruit or peanut butter and caramel. Designs can be minimal or absolutely loaded and if you would like a personalised topper to finish it off this can also be arranged. 


Our standard drip cakes are 4 layers of sponge to get that classic depth in this style and the perfect sponge to chocolate ratio but your cake can be taller or shorter depending on how many people you are planning to serve.  


Kinder drip cake (1)
Bratz drip cake (1)
Espeon pokemon drip cake
Flowers and macarons drip cake
Gold and pink drip cake (1)
Spiderman drip cake
Fruit and Lindor cake (1)
White chocolate drip cake (1)
Blue splash drip cake (1)
White and dark drip cake
Gold and pink drip (1)
30 flower drip cake (1)