Celebration Cakes
Classic celebration cakes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from simply decorated to carved beauties.
The smallest cake we can make is a 6" round which serves around 10 people and the smallest 2 tier serves around 35 although dummy tiers can be used if you have your heart set on a tiered design.
Carved cake often need to be made bigger as there needs to be enough cake to work with. 
Take a look at the ideas below and let your imagination run wild!  


Palm fan cake (1)
Harry potter books 3 tier (1)
Sail and bubbles
Rose cake
Large flowers cake (1)
Bear with balloons (1)
Coco cake (1)
Boat 80th cake (1)
Unicorn and hearts
zebra pop star cake
Kids cake (1)
Willy wonka cake (1)
Pastel alice cake (1)
Gary Barlow Cake (2)
80's Funko Pop cake (1)
Snake cake (1)
Peach flowers cake
VW campervan